NFTs  - WHY?

As An Artist - We Guide You To A New Revenue Stream previously not available
As A Collector - More Choice, Investment In The Arts, Real Canadian and Local Artists

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What Is An NFT?

In its simplest form it is digital art.

Below is an example of an NFT in a digital frame.

Link to newest artist drop! Open envelope. (Updated Sept. 1 2022)

For the Artist:
Boris Walks Alone Art collaborates with each artist to guide them to a new route to market while still being able to sell at  traditional galleries.

Non Fungible Token technology
 enables the creative person the ability to collect royalties. (THIS IS NEW)

BWA creates space for artists to do what they do best, that is create, and save the tech solution and marketing to us! We will  make the process as seamless as possible. 

For the Collector:
Why NFTs? (Non Fungible Tokens or another word  for NFTs is digital art) It is a new way to consume art.

WHAT is an NFT?

1. An NFT is the simplest form is registered ownership of a digital item.  A digital item can also have a physical item attached to it.

2. Tired of finding a place for all the excess art you may have? This solution enables you to change art daily with no storage issues.

3.  Shipping and delivery are a non issue with this technology. The buying  and reselling art is transacted completely by computers, then delivered directly to your computer.

4. If the value of the art you hold increases, and you wish to sell it, the artist receives compensation for their work. What a great way to support your favourite artist.

4. Digital art on your walls of your home can now include 2D, 3D and art with movement.

On the pages of this website you will find links to purchase NFTs from the selection of artists.

If you want to find out more about each artist, there will be a link to their page.

Need a frame for your NFTs?

Our Company Mandate:

Boris Walks Alone provides technical and marketing expertise aimed at expanding sales of digital and traditional artwork on behalf of the Artists that create them. This service allows the Artist to benefit from the expanded opportunities available to them in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on popular cryptocurrency platforms - without having to become an expert in technology. This is combined with marketing and promotion across the most popular social media platforms, allows the Artist access to an exciting and fast growing global digital marketplace. Our business model ensures the Artist has control over key components such as selection, pricing, and volume. Our service lets the Artist focus on creating original artwork and leaves the technical complexity and social media promotion to us!
The making of a Keeper
Patricia Lortie

The making of a Keeper