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What We Can do For You

Are you a creative looking to thrive in the digital landscape? Look no further! We specialize in social media management for artists, musicians, and actors, leveraging the latest blockchain technology to amplify your digital presence and propel you to new heights! 🚀

Let us be your digital partner! In addition to social media management, we also work with artists to tokenize and sell digital artwork and music, ensuring your creations receive the recognition they deserve while you focus on your craft! Our passion lies in supporting all creatives, whether creatively an artist, a musician, or an actor, we love working with all.

Join our creative community and let's make magic together! 

Investing in digital art through Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. transcends mere acquisition; it symbolizes a profound endorsement of the creative journey. Going beyond the initial transaction, this form of investment becomes a dynamic avenue for actively supporting artists in their ongoing creative pursuits. Analogous to traditional art, the value of digital artworks has the potential to appreciate over time, providing investors with a unique opportunity to directly contribute to the flourishing of artistic talent.

Engaging with Boris Walks Alone Art signifies more than a financial commitment; it establishes an environment where artists can thrive. The increasing value of digital art serves as both a resource and encouragement for artists to continually innovate and refine their craft. The resale option, integral to our process, enables investors to engage in the economic aspects of art while ensuring artists receive fair commissions on subsequent transactions.

At Boris Walks Alone Art Inc., our belief is rooted in the understanding that supporting creators nurtures the core of artistic innovation. Utilizing smart contracts, we prioritize secure transactions, upholding the integrity and transparency of the entire process. Similar to the proven value of physical art as an investment, our platform actively recognizes and harnesses the intrinsic worth and potential appreciation in the digital art realm, presenting a progressive and considerate approach to art acquisition and investment that directly benefits the talented creators behind each masterpiece.

Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. stands as a pioneering force in the dynamic realms of digital art and music, presenting collectors with a unique opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces from our esteemed artists.

Our commitment to integrity and honesty, coupled with a dedication to unparalleled customer service, distinguishes us in the industry. Collectors enjoy the convenience of purchasing these exquisite artworks or music using cryptocurrency, credit cards, or any currency of their preference. Navigating our streamlined links provides direct access to the captivating works, ensuring a seamless and secure purchasing experience.

Curious about the process or have specific inquiries?


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At Boris Walks Alone Art Inc., we prioritize the white glove experience, guaranteeing a level of service that goes beyond expectation. Our emphasis on integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction reflects our unwavering commitment to creating a space where collectors can engage effortlessly with the artistic world, confident in the authenticity and quality of their acquisitions.


Jennifer Armand

In 2007, Jennifer Armand embarked on an entrepreneurial journey driven by a profound understanding of the needs of the creative community. Drawing on her extensive experience collaborating with artists, managing a digital design company, and recognizing the significant value inherent in digital files, Jennifer laid the foundation for Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. Through meaningful dialogues with artists, she articulated a vision aimed at empowering creatives across various disciplines, including visual artists, musicians, and actors, while bridging the gap between their work and the digital market.

Jennifer's commitment to providing comprehensive support to artists stems from her recognition of the profound emotional connection between art and its audience. With a focus on accessibility, Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. offers entry points at various price ranges, ensuring that a diverse audience can engage with and support artists' creations.

As Jennifer's vision evolved, she identified parallel opportunities within the music and entertainment industries, envisioning Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. extending its support to musicians and actors, further enriching their creative endeavors. Today, Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. stands as a testament to Jennifer's dedication to all creatives and their narratives, serving as a platform that not only preserves their artistic practice but also unlocks new possibilities in the realms of digital art, music, and entertainment.

Grounded in a deep understanding of the emotional connection between art and its audience, Jennifer remains steadfast in her commitment to empowering creatives, providing them with a space where their talent can flourish, and their stories can resonate with the world. At Boris Walks Alone Art Agency, we recognize the importance of every creative's business journey and aim to be a supportive team, enhancing their creative practice every step of the way.


Jennifer Anderson

From my early days working as a marketing team member at major record labels BMG & EMI, marketing releases by bands such as ColdPlay, Radiohead and Katy Perry, my tenure at Bruce Allen Talent, representing A list musicians like Bryan Adams and Michael Buble, to my current business as a marketer and seller of digital assets, I have spent my life being intimately involved in the development of artists and their careers. This path has always been driven, first and foremost by a passionate fandom of music, and a desire to give artists the reach they deserve. 

With this strong background in traditional marketing, my career has most recently evolved into the digital realm, where I have been at the forefront of utilizing online and social media platforms to promote musicians, their albums, and global tours. My expertise in digital marketing covers everything from the creation of engaging social media pages to the development of SEO-optimized websites and the execution of extensive online sales and marketing campaigns. I have a proven track record of using digital strategies to raise awareness and generate buzz around music and art.

My innovative work in the digital assets space, especially in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, has allowed me to explore new revenue-sharing models through the minting of NFTs. Collaborations and long developed personal relationships with radio stations and marketing professionals have further broadened the reach of these projects, and I am keen on using cutting-edge promotional tactics to expand customer outreach and effectively manage budgets to gauge success, while producing sophisticated digital metrics to ensure accurate up to date feedback for artists on the reach and impact of my work.

Now stepping into my role as a partner at Boris Walks Alone Art Inc., I am excited to focus on empowering artists, musicians, and actors by enhancing their digital presence and facilitating the sale of digital artwork and music. Our aim is to free creatives to pursue their passions while we handle the intricacies of social media management, digital promotion and community building.

As an avid traveler, I draw upon the rich insights from various cultures to inject unique ideas and improve engagement strategies. Outside of work, family time is precious to me, and I am committed to continuous learning in the digital marketing field.

At Boris Walks Alone Art Inc., we are more than a platform; we are a collective pursuit dedicated to fostering a community where creative talent can thrive. Our approach combines promoting individual creativity with building a supportive network, ensuring that our actions benefit not just individual artists but also contribute to the growth and success of the entire community we serve.

Balanced Objects

Your Content Represented Digitally

At Boris Walks Alone Art, we provide an avenue for artists to focus on their core competency of creation, while we handle the technical aspects and marketing. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and effortless as possible for the artists.


Utilizing Non-Fungible Token technology enables the artist the ability to collect royalties. This new technology is revolutionizing the way artists receive compensation and claim ownership of their creations.

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