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A Company Designed To Connect Artists And Buyers Together In The NFT Space 

Why NFT's?

For Artist - We Guide You To A New Revenue Stream previously not available
As A Collector - More Choice, Investment In The Arts, Real Canadian and Local Artists

Don't understand the whole tech? Look For Our All In One Solution

What Is An NFT?

Simply Put: Digital art that is able to be traced making the art more identifiable and proven unique. No more copy and paste!

Here's What NFT's Could Look Like In Your Home

The Dream.jpeg

Richard Desmarais

Canadian Photographer

Regal copyrighted.jpg

Jeweliyana Reece

Calgary Artist

David Parejra


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Connie Geerts

Calgary Artist

radiant copyright.jpg

Dean Stanton

Calgary Artist 

Eleanor Lowden- We Decided on the Yellow Umbrella (c).JPG

Eleanor Lowden

Calgary Artist


Andrea Kimberley

Calgary Artist

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Company Mandate
Boris Walks Alone provides technical and marketing expertise aimed at expanding sales of digital and traditional artwork on behalf of the Artists that create them. This service allows the Artist to benefit from the expanded opportunities available to them in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on popular cryptocurrency platforms - without having to become an expert in technology. This is combined with marketing and promotion across the most popular social media platforms, allows the Artist access to an exciting and fast growing global digital marketplace. Our business model ensures the Artist has control over key components such as selection, pricing, and volume. Our service lets the Artist focus on creating original artwork and leaves the technical complexity and social media promotion to us!