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I'm Jen, and my journey began 16 years ago, collaborating with artists through my graphic design and fine art photography enterprise. I often mused about the transformative potential of digital files, envisioning a future beyond our wildest dreams.


As the era of NFT technology emerged, I delved into a realm of learning and inquiry, engaging with fellow artists and collectors to expand my horizons. From this passionate pursuit, the genesis of Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. came to fruition, a testament to the confluence of innovation and artistic spirit.

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My Story

Meet Jen, a dedicated and innovative entrepreneur hailing from the captivating landscapes of Canada. With a steadfast commitment to honesty and integrity, Jen embodies these values in every endeavor she undertakes. Her journey, intertwined with a profound love for art and technology, led her to establish Boris Walks Alone Art Inc.

As a devoted parent who has seen her children flourish into adulthood, Jen's focus has gracefully shifted to fuse her passion for art and digital technology. It is through this unique synergy that she has birthed Boris Walks Alone Art Inc., a venture rooted in her core values and mission.

Jen's heart beats with an unyielding desire to help others, a quality that forms the cornerstone of her mission. Through Boris Walks Alone Art Inc., she aspires to transform businesses and homes into galleries of digital art, creating fresh avenues for art collectors while simultaneously providing a novel revenue stream for talented artists.

Jen's vision is crystal clear: to open up a world of artistic possibilities for collectors, allowing them to explore an array of digital creations that resonate with their souls. Simultaneously, she empowers artists by giving them a platform to showcase their work in innovative ways, ultimately shaping a new era for the art industry.

Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. is a living testament to Jen's dedication to honesty, artistry, and innovation. Operating on Canadian soil, the company draws inspiration from the enchanting surroundings and the vibrant artistic community that flourishes within its borders.

Jen's mission is unwavering – to champion the seamless blend of technology and artistry, revolutionizing how art is appreciated and acquired. Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. stands as a beacon of possibility, a testament to Jen's belief that by embracing digital art, we can enrich lives, invigorate spaces, and cultivate a thriving ecosystem where both collectors and artists thrive.

Join Jen on her transformative journey, where the fusion of creativity, integrity, and innovation has paved the way for a new artistic frontier.

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