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Parallel Lines



Jennifer Armand

   What We Do

Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. is a socially Innovative organization revolutionizing the digital art and music world by providing comprehensive support and opportunities for creatives.


By securing exhibitions, commissions, and collaborations, negotiating fair contracts, promoting creatives through targeted marketing, and creating a 3D art gallery, they empower creatives to thrive. Embracing the digital economy enables global exposure, networking, and new avenues for collaboration and monetization, leading to expanded artistic reach and enhanced career prospects.


With a commitment to integrity, Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. ensures artists receive a larger share of the revenue, placing their success at the forefront.

Jennifer Anderson



Our Story

Once upon a time, 16 years ago, there was a passionate and visionary woman named Jen. Having worked closely with artists throughout her career, she understood their struggles and dreams intimately. One day, while talking to a group of artists, Jen shared her belief that their digital files held untapped value, far beyond what anyone could have imagined.

Jen had been involved in various art-related ventures, immersing herself in the art community and witnessing the profound impact of artists' stories. She recognized the emotional attachment people developed when purchasing artwork—a connection that made each piece unique and cherished.

Driven by her passion and foresight, Jen embarked on a journey to create Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. Inspired by her previous business experiences, she knew that artists needed a comprehensive solution—one that not only protected their artwork but also provided opportunities for growth and recognition.

With unwavering determination, Jen sought to bridge the gap between artists and the digital art market. She understood that accessibility was crucial, and she aimed to offer artists entry points at various price ranges, allowing a diverse audience to engage with and support their work.

As time went on, Jen's vision expanded beyond digital art. She recognized the immense potential in the music industry and envisioned Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. extending its reach to support musicians and their creative journeys.

Today, Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. stands as a testament to Jen's unwavering commitment to artists and their stories. It provides a complete solution for artists, safeguarding their art practice while unlocking new possibilities in the digital art and music realms. With a deep understanding of the emotional connection between art and its audience, Jen continues to empower artists, creating a platform where their talent can shine and their stories can be shared with the world.

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