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Parallel Lines



Jennifer Armand

   What We Offer You

Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. is a socially innovative organization at the forefront of revolutionizing the digital art and music world. We specialize in providing comprehensive support and opportunities for both collectors and creators alike.

Working closely with creatives, we secure exhibitions, commissions, and collaborations, negotiate fair contracts, and promote artists through targeted marketing efforts. Additionally, our commitment extends to creating a 3D art gallery, further enhancing the visibility and impact of their work. This holistic approach empowers creatives to thrive in the digital economy, offering global exposure, networking opportunities, and new avenues for collaboration and monetization. The result is an expanded artistic reach and enhanced career prospects for the talented individuals we work with.

At Boris Walks Alone Art Inc., our commitment to integrity is unwavering. We ensure that artists receive a substantial share of the revenue, placing their success and financial well-being at the forefront of our mission. By fostering an ecosystem that benefits both collectors and creators, we contribute to the sustainable growth and vibrancy of the digital art and music community.

Jennifer Anderson



Our Story

In the year 2007, a dedicated and visionary entrepreneur named Jen emerged onto the scene. Drawing from her extensive experience collaborating with artists, Jen intimately grasped the challenges and aspirations of the creative community. During a conversation with a group of artists, she articulated her conviction that their digital files held untapped value, far exceeding conventional expectations.

Having previously immersed herself in various art-related ventures, Jen had observed the profound impact of artists' narratives within the art community. She recognized the emotional attachment formed when acquiring artwork—a connection that imbued each piece with uniqueness and significance.

Motivated by her passion and foresight, Jen embarked on the establishment of Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. Leveraging insights gained from her prior business ventures, she understood that artists required a comprehensive solution, one that safeguarded their artwork while fostering opportunities for growth and recognition.

With unwavering determination, Jen sought to bridge the divide between artists and the digital art market. Recognizing the paramount importance of accessibility, she aimed to provide artists with entry points at various price ranges, ensuring a diverse audience could engage with and support their work.

As time progressed, Jen's vision expanded beyond digital art, recognizing the vast potential within the music industry. She envisioned Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. extending its support to musicians and their creative journeys.

Today, Boris Walks Alone Art Inc. is a manifestation of Jen's steadfast commitment to artists and their narratives. It serves as a comprehensive solution, preserving their artistic practice while unlocking new possibilities in the realms of digital art and music. Grounded in a profound understanding of the emotional connection between art and its audience, Jen continues to empower artists, providing a platform where their talent can shine, and their stories can resonate with the world.

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