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Manny Jackson

Welcome our Latest artist Manny Jackson

of Threadhaus

Manny Jackson is the founder and Design Director of Thread Haus Co., a sustainable clothing brand that creates gender-neutral and multi-functional apparel and accessories.


Manny started his fashion journey in his mother's garage and later interned with several fashion brands before launching his own showroom called The Gents Closet. He also works with non-profits and sits on their board to give back to the community, such as providing wardrobe makeovers for youth with terminal and mental illnesses. In addition, he is experienced in Web 3 technologies and has used this knowledge to develop digital solutions to improve mental health.


Thread Haus aims to break down traditional classifications and color lines with their mission to A_DresstheWorld. Manny's story shows how passion, hard work, and social responsibility can lead to success in the fashion industry while also making a positive impact on mental health and utilizing Web 3 technologies.

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