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My mind floats in the wind, my body drinks the water that carries me away. I belong to this planet; all that I am is borrowed from the ground I walk on.


The experience of the natural world reaches the core of my being. It opens up the connection to the mystic of being human and reminds me that I am part of an unexplainable and unbroken system.


Simple and profound earth bounding experiences shape my artistic endeavours. An afternoon laying on warm rocks while my father tries his hand at fly-fishing. The thick veil of cloud parting unexpectedly to reveal a glorious view of the surrounding summits. A quiet paddle on the surface of a mirror like lake. A slow float down the river chasing warm currents. All moments where existing in the world feel both simple and extraordinary.


In my artwork, I look for that feeling, over and over, chasing a profound connection with the world we live in. I attempt to revive the knowledge that I am part of the natural system. Because I only feel completely satisfied when I embrace my minute yet profound place in the world.


My artwork aims to restore the awareness of our symbiotic relationship with nature. Each work provides an experience of feeling the unseen bounds that makes our existence possible; the unbreakable, undeniable bounds that we are all born into.

The making of a Keeper
Patricia Lortie

The making of a Keeper

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Inspired by the act of presence and awareness that the forest imposes on us. All of us, walking and flying being, we enter the forest, we pass through it and are forgotten. The forest rearranges itself soon after we are gone.


Our presence in the forest, anonymous amongst the trees, passing by and leaving ephemeral traces to be covered by the leaves and the snow.


This 2D hand painted canvas was created in Canada by Patricia Lortie.

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Inspired by the daily early morning flights of the cedar waxwing birds in mid to late august.


They test their wings, diving and rising in the open channel above the creek. In the opening of the surrounding forest canopy, they perform a dance to celebrate their existence.

Dance of the birds with copyright.jpg
Longing for Lazy Days with copy
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Inspired by my moments of communion with nature as a child. Most of them taking place at our family cabin in Notre-Dame-de-Pierreville, Quebec, Canada

When we were little girls, my sister and I would float on the “Chenal du Moine” where our family cabin stood. Two forgotten little girls found the freedom to daydream in the dark waters of this gentle river. 

At night, I would dream.  I would dream of water, of trees and of sky.  I would find myself floating again, this time, amongst the clouds.

This work captures those powerful feelings that shaped my visual and emotional world.

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Inspired with years of walking the same forest almost every day just west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Those walks allowing me to get to know this forest intimately and see it’s changing nature.


As we walk the forest every day, it becomes ours. We see its flowing nature, its small changes and its ephemeris beauties. We ear its noises, the calming ones and the disturbing ones. And day-by-day, we feel we belong.

Our Forestwith copyright.jpg
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The orange cat

A lifetime with cats, many generations of pets, coming and going one after the other. They share our moments; they warm our hearts and make us laugh. They come with their personality and demand that we adapt. They bring the wild into our homes with just enough domesticity to have us believe they are tamed.

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