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"My work is an interpretation of life from a happy point of view. My style plays with patterns and repetition of forms, it is both illustrative and impressionistic too. I am inspired by many things. Country roads, umbrellas, trees, polka dots, mass cultural objects, people, dogs, and most recently, spring flowers. Through these differing subjects, I am continually exploring unique compositions while creating bright, luminous paintings with my own unique color palette and marks.” 

Eleanor Lowden  It's Going to be Great Day 40 x 40 C.png
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I woke up the morning I painted this and I felt great. I had big energy and I felt positive and happy. I think the title suits my mood and energy in the painting. (40x40)

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monday morning we got this

I wanted to create the rush of Monday Morning traffic. This was before the pandemic, when we all scurried to work and got caught up in the foot traffic on our way. (24x30)

Eleanor Lowden - Monday Morning We Got This (c).JPG
Eleanor Lowden - Your Very Own (C).JPG
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your very own

The idea of fitting in to a group often means we try to adopt a style of dress, or a way of living. At the same time we are also trying to be unique. So we simultaneously imitate and individuate. (30x40)

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We Decided On THe Yellow umbrella

One of a series of the same figure walking with an umbrella, I painted each one with different colour umbrellas, and decided as I went which colour umbrella I would add. (8x10)

Eleanor Lowden- We Decided on the Yellow Umbrella (c).JPG
Eleanor Lowden - Umbrella Business (C).JPG
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umbrella business

This title sticks to the business at hand. Business man, umbrella in hand, walking with purpose. (30x40)

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thats the best news i've heard all day

I don’t remember the circumstances, but I had heard some great news the day I painted this one. I wanted to create a cheerful, happy rainy day with a woman walking her dog. Maybe it is somewhat of a self portrait. (36x36)

Eleanor Lowden - That's The Best News I've Heard All Day (C).JPG
Eleanor Lowden - Seeing You Has Got Me Thinking (C).JPG
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seeing you has got me thinking

I was stuck on this painting for a long time. I finally pulled it out and decided how I would tackle it. (36x48)

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