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JJ Weinberg

🎨 Introducing the inaugural NFT from the captivating "All That Glitters" series! Inspired by @jaygotgame's enthralling journey through the book "Sleeping with the Enemy - Coco Chanel’s Secret War," this collection unveils the hidden darkness beneath glamour. 💔 #Art #NFT #Legacy


@jaygotgame is driven by a desire to convey profound messages but suffered a harsh lesson when his "No Nein" bottle paintings vanished at a Palm Beach gallery. No compensation. No explanation. Just a painting held for ransom. 😱🖼️ #LostArt 


But from disappointment rises inspiration. "Beauty’s Only Skin Deep - Skull 001" offers early access & a chance to win the original 20x20 canvas. 🖌️💎 Uncover the truth behind the fashion world's dark underbelly. Join the quest for justice! 💀🔎 #NFT #Fashion #Truth


Own a captivating piece of art, while safeguarding J.J. Weinberg's legacy. Your purchase becomes a vital part of his story... HISTORY 🌟🔒 #Collectors #MakeYourMark


Join this thought-provoking journey, pushing the boundaries of physical art into # NFTs and harnessing the power of blockchain. Be a part of Weinberg's artistic pursuit to make a lasting impact. #Art #Legacy 

Balanced Objects


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JJ Weinberg


Watch For His Newest Release

JJ Weinberg's latest multimedia project stands as a testament to two years of artistic dedication, resulting in a captivating celebration of his own illustrious career and that of acclaimed actor Val Kilmer. This highly anticipated work intricately weaves together Weinberg's artistic prowess and Kilmer's cinematic legacy, creating a unique fusion of visual and auditory elements. Weinberg, known for his innovative approach to art, has curated a project that not only showcases his own artistic evolution but also pays homage to Kilmer's diverse and impactful contributions to the world of film. As anticipation builds for this extraordinary collaboration, audiences can expect a mesmerizing experience that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting them to delve into the rich tapestry of Weinberg's and Kilmer's artistic journeys.

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